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A lethal disease is spreading across the country. The epicenter near the historical center of US biological weapons implicates the Army. This Utah flu can't be anthrax, the Army contends…and if it is, it isn't ours.

Bioterrorism, accident, …?  Find the source. Find the cure.

A medical mystery written by a research scientist who has supported research at the frontiers of medicine.

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Restaurant quality without restaurant prices.
Cooking well as much fun as eating well.
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A cookbook for the foodies on your list
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Hard science fiction by a real rocket scientist.

Hear a podcast on the science behind Dead Astronauts

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Rocket Scientist




Caltech PhD
Thirty years of research and development
Professional Resume
Distinguished Toastmaster

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Toastmaster Executive



Past Toastmasters District 5 Governor
Distinguished Toastmaster
Excellence in Education and Training
Past Encinitas Toastmasters President
Contributor to The Heart of a Toastmaster


Frugal recipes good enough for a first date


With The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook, you will

Š      Have restaurant quality meals without the quality restaurant prices.

Š      Serve something you’ll be proud to serve to company.

Š      Not spend too much time cooking or rushing back to the store for some oddball ingredient.

Š      Enjoy a laugh or two from the cookbook.

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A good read for a starry night

Science fiction fans will love Dead Astronauts.  It’s the on-orbit adventure of two astronauts who explore an alien probe parked in earth orbit.  It arrived from deep space, and sat in silence.  Two astronauts are sent from the International Space Station to investigate.  They discover the crew died in transit.  Exposed to what killed the aliens, can NASA let them come home? Hear a podcast on the science behind it.


Medical mystery readers will enjoy The Utah Flu. It’s a race to track the source of a new deadly disease spreading across the country. It started in Utah. Is it an escaped biological warfare agent? Is it bioterrorism?






Interstellar travel is beyond human science. 


With today’s technology, it would take years to reach any but the nearest neighbor planets.  Interesting places like Titan and Enceleladus are far away. 


Even those are just local hops compared to travel to the stars. If Moses had launched the lost tribe of Israel in a rocket as fast as an Apollo capsule, they would already be a quarter of a light year away.  It would be another eighty thousand years before they reached the nearest star.  At ten times that fast, they’d be more than half way there.  They would still have a few thousand years to go.  Even at a hundred times that fast, the journey would take almost a millennium. 


The technology to go that fast is a long way off.  Somebody out there somewhere might have it today.  What if aliens from a neighboring star tried to come here?  A lot can go wrong in a thousand years.


In Dead Astronauts, an interstellar probe decelerates into earth orbit. Nothing happens. An astronaut team discovers why. Its crew died in transit. Exposed to whatever killed the aliens, can NASA let the explorers come home? Quarantined and running out of air, how can they survive?


Dead Astronauts is available from your favorite on-line book dealer.  Read an excerpt.  You can buy it from my publisher here today.  You can also buy it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Books-a-Million.


Enjoy the story, but don’t eat the food.  The kitchens of NASA aren’t as good as yours.  The book tours alien foods and kitchens. The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook presents the kind of food the astronauts dream of coming home to.


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Germs are our eternal enemy


A new disease is spreading across the country. With no known treatment, the death toll is climbing. The Centers for Disease Control must act before it becomes epidemic.


Where did it come from? CDC data say Utah! Could it have escaped from biological weapons abandoned there fifty years ago? Anthrax-like, but contagious and antibiotic-resistant: could this be a bioengineered weapon? The Army swears it couldn’t be anthrax … and if it is, it isn’t theirs. Could this be a terrorist attack? Is this just the first wave?


In The Utah Flu, CDC’s Dr. Jack Reagan and the Army’s Lt. Col. Uma Hees track the epidemic to a zealot with a history of violence in Latin political causes. Sick with the disease, he infected fellow passengers on flights from Barcelona to New York, then on to Salt Lake City and San Diego. Jack and Uma must determine whether he is an innocent victim or a kamikaze for Basque terrorists – whether the epidemic is natural or the first wave of an attack


The Utah Flu is available from your favorite on-line book dealer.  Read an excerpt.  You can buy it from my publisher here today.  You can also buy it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Books-a-Million.


Enjoy the story. Some of the restaurant scenes may excite some cravings. The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook offers some excellent recipes to sooth those cravings. The cookbook shows you the way to restaurant quality meals without quality restaurant prices.


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Early Morning Entertaining At Its Best


Whether it’s an intimate brunch for two or a holiday breakfast for the whole family, your table deserves something special. Champagne Brunch offers some suggestions to make the occasion special. There’s a selection of dishes you don’t serve every morning.  They’re fast and easy to prepare. They’re made out of things you probably have around the kitchen. Let Champagne Brunch create memorable mornings for you. It’s free with your eZine subscription.







The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook

Gourmet meals at budget prices from Woodrow Wilson’s kitchen

A great meal doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  For the cost of burgers out, you can dine on filet mignon at home.  Let The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook show you the way.  Page after page of gourmet recipes that are easy to prepare.  Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two, or having the boss over for the first time, you’ll be proud to serve from The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook.

Enjoy restaurant quality meals without the quality restaurant prices.  One meal eaten in rather than eaten out will pay for the book.  With the money you’ll save cooking with The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook, you could serve filet mignon every night.  Better yet, the money you won’t be spending will add up as fast as an executive’s paycheck.  Best of all, the government hasn’t figured out how to tax those benefits…yet.

The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook is about more than just eating well and saving money.  With instructions like "marinate significant other, set aside" and "open the beer, drink half" the book puts fun back into the kitchen.


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The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook is available in print or electronic form from the publisher or your favorite on-line bookstore.   Buy it at, or, or Barnes and Noble, or BooksAMillion, or


Media please see the attached Press kit.



The buzz about the cookbook

Angela Hoy, BookLocker publisher, e-mail, July 19, 2009

I already ate dinner but, now that I've thumbed (well, clicked) through your book a bit, I'm starving! ;)

Gloria Uhler, “divaonline” January 14, 2010

a mix of science and clever kitchen mechanics!

North County Times, September 17, 2009

a cookbook for those who like fine-dining restaurants but can't afford the prices. .... Wilson "reverse-engineered" some of the best dishes he's been served at top restaurants to figure out the ingredients and proportions. …. "The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook" includes recipes for dishes such as bacon-wrapped, crab-stuffed shrimp; pork medallions stuffed with blue cheese; onion-stuffed sirloin; meatball stew; smoked turkey; and more.

Del Mar Times, October 9, 2009

Chemist/cook writes book

… "for people who want to eat well despite these hard economic times." The recipes are simple enough to be a joy to cook, and good enough to be a joy' to serve …

Toast of the Town, September 2009

Bon Appétit by Larry Knight

…[This book] will bring scrumptious pleasures to the most discerning palate at a fraction of the cost of your restaurant meal.  ….

The Coast News, February 19. 2010

RECIPE FOR SUCCESS by Bianca Kaplanek

  features more than 100 recipes with easy-to-follow and entertaining instructions such as “open the beer, drink half.” …

Del Mar Times & Solana Beach Sun, April 2, 2010

Woodrow Wilson likes cooking up fun … and talking about it!


Wilson brings his creativity out of the laboratory and into the kitchen. …[He] produces new taste sensations. His best are presented in his "The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook,"



Katie Campbell, AShoppersQuest.Com


If you are looking for recipes that … add a twist to them to make them taste more like something you would get in a restaurant, this is a great cookbook.


Lauren Happel,

Another great frugal style cookbook. The name is what caught my attention, it is totally my type of thought process, living with luxury but NEVER paying the real price! It goes for my food as well, we might not pay much for our food but we do have a pretty high standard in our house for what type of food we eat …




the author doesn't forget to make you smile or even laugh! For example, when explaining the preparation of the beer-can chicken, he says "open the beer, drink half". There are such enjoyable sentences scattered inside the book.


More reviews













Launch your taste buds and your imagination into orbit. Creativity in the kitchen and in the lab generate fuel for the body and fuel for the mind. Woodrow Wilson shares both in his writings and in his speeches.

A retired rocket scientist, Wilson writes and talks about the world he knows—the world at the forefront of science and technology. He’s been there, done that. Born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and raised under the star of Sputnik, Wilson was educated for the space race. He earned a Bachelor's in Chemistry from Temple University in Philadelphia and then a PhD in Chemical Physics from Caltech in Pasadena. He has detonated rocket fuel, and studied twelve thousand mile per hour impacts in the laboratory. He has supported ground- and flight-testing of anti-ballistic missiles. He invented a critical component of that system. His technical expertise is woven throughout his first novel, Dead Astronauts.


A retired research and development leader, Wilson supported Army management of medical research programs. Those developed medical defenses against chemical warfare agents. He also consulted on an Army program to field a new malaria drug, and to an Air Force anthrax program. He contributed to a quantitative assessment of the health effects of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. His familiarity with the military medical research community lends realism to his second novel, The Utah Flu.


Wilson not only walks the walk about science, he talks the talk. He leads the Caltech alumni luncheons in San Diego County, and delivers technical presentations for nontechnical audiences through Toastmasters. Engineering, energy, and exo-planets are but a few of the technical topics that fascinate him. History interests him as well. He offers an eclectic selection of speech topics in science, in history, and in cooking. Those may show up in his future books. Wilson’s upcoming novels will explore the world from the ocean’s depths to near-earth orbit and beyond.


Driven by his passion for tasty food and his voracious appetite, Wilson has been improving and inventing recipes for more than forty years. He loves serving intimate dinners for two or for four—filled with garlic and wine, conversation and laughter. His repertoire will satisfy both kinds of people, he says. Those who live to eat can celebrate great taste sensations; those who eat to live can celebrate fast and easy preparation from ingredients they have on-hand. His recipe collection Description: Macintosh HD:Users:woody:Pictures:iPhoto Library:Previews:2011:07:04:20110704-113849:IMG_0365.jpgmorphed into a cookbook when a Toastmaster project got out of hand. An advanced speech assignment called for him to deliver a progress report. He would report on his progress toward his dream of writing a cookbook one day. His first attempt had failed when his computer crashed and his research assistant crash dieted. His recipe collection was a database, not a cookbook. The dream was miles away. Encouragement from his fellow Toastmasters led to The Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Cookbook. Read the full story of its creation in The Heart of a Toastmaster.


Distinguished Toastmaster Woodrow Wilson is available to speak on his books—and many other topics. He is a frequent volunteer and mentors Toastmaster officers. Wilson is an award-winning educator, currently presenting the Toastmaster program to undergraduate and graduate students. He is an avid advocate for the education of gifted children.


Wilson is a widower who lives in northern San Diego County. He is the father of two sons and the grandfather of five grandsons.


In Memory of my Wife

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